Monday, January 7, 2008

PimpMyNews Picked as Today's "Cool Site Of The Day"

We love it when others help us spread the news about PimpMyNews, and we're very thankful for the press, fellow bloggers, "Twitterers" and "Diggers" who have been spreading the word since we launched a few weeks ago.

Last week, the folks over at "Cool Site of the Day" contacted us to let us know that PimpMyNews had been chosen as their "Cool Site of the Day" for today (Monday, January 7th, 2008). After Googling them and seeing praise about them from Yahoo and New York times, our excitement grew.

- Yahoo says they're "the original and still the best."

- New York Times calls them "the arbiter of good taste on the Internet."

Then Panic Set in...
We asked ourselves, "What if 'Cool Site' brought an avalanche of millions of people with click-happy fingers to our site today? Could our tireless, "near-human sounding robots" fetch and read the news fast enough?

As I write this blog post at 7:36 pm eastern, I'm happy to say that our traffic has more than tripled, and we haven't heard a single complaint from our "robo news team."

I suppose as long as we continue to treat them humanely and provide a rewarding upward career path for them, the "PimpMyNews machine" will continue to run like a top. (Fingers crossed, of course ;)

Please cast your vote for PimpMyNews at "Cool Site of the Day"

On a side note - keep sending your feedback to - and share a talking PimpMyNews story to your mother-in-law.

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