Friday, August 1, 2008

Gary Vaynerchuk Helps PimpMyNews Help The Blind.

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Shortly after we launched, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that blind people were also using our service to listen to their favorite news and blogs. [see our first post about this here ]

Since we think companies should also "give back" in some way, we've decided to try to use the power of social media, to raise money for blind charities.

To bring some attention to our effort, we hit up our new friend, "Internet Celebrity" Gary Vaynerchuk, who graciously agreed to do a video for PimpMyNews. Over 70,000 people a day watch Gary's Wine Library TV Show.

>Be sure to check out the video. John introduces Gary, who talks about "Helping People and the Transparent Web."

>Click Here To Donate. And please tell your friends. Every dollar you give goes to a charity for the blind.

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Dayngr said...

This is great! Way to go.