Thursday, October 30, 2008

PimpMyNews User Spotlight: Damien Howley

We love getting feedback from you, our valued users. We especially love hearing about how you are using our service, and the benefits you're receiving. In this post, we share the feedback we received from one of our power users, Damien Howley.

Damien, a prolific blogger, and a graphic designer for MindTouch, had this to say:

"Upon first being introduced to PimpMyNews, I thought, "nifty, I can listen to blogs on my walk to work." However, I quickly found my whole consumption of blogs and news change drastically.
While at work, I used to listen to music, now I use your web interface [at ], and can catch up on all my blog posts while I work.
This has increased my ability to read more blogs, and keeps me extremely more informed than all of my co-workers. Bottom line is, PimpMyNews has saved me hours and hours each night of reading blogs."
Damien also gave us some great suggestions for new features, which we are evaluating.
How are YOU using PimpMyNews and what benefits are you seeing?
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We would love to hear from you.

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