Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is Voice the New "Killer App" for Mobile ?

Back when text-to-speech voice quality was "unlistenable," and before the explosion of mobile devices, TTS seemed to be a technology looking for a market beyond applications for the visually impaired.

Now that nearly everyone has a mobile device, and we're all looking to multitask on the go, it looks like voice could become the killer app for mobile.

Today, Apple announced a new talking iPod Shuffle. Instead of including a display on the new shuffle, Apple added a feature called "Voice Over", which reads the artist and song name aloud to you. A couple of weeks ago, Amazon launched the Kindle 2, which includes a text-to-speech feature that drew a ruckus from the overly sensitive Author's Guild.

Voice-to-text technology is also on the rise. Mobile services like SpinVox, Google Voice, Cha Cha, and many others have been coming out of the woodwork lately, allowing you to speak into your phone and receive transcribed text messages.

The talking iPod, the vocal Kindle, and these other cool voice-enabled services, seem to further validate the relevance of our mobile talking news & blog service.

Reading your blogs and driving don't mix... but listening? Now there's a benefit!

What's next? A talking toaster? Probably.

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