Friday, April 4, 2008

PimpMyNews Tops 500,000 "Talking Stories"

Did you know that you can now access more than a half a million "talking stories," from the web's top 1,000+ blogs on our full site at ?

[see the news on Yahoo here:]

If you're accessing this story on your iPhone, or another mobile device, you just gotta check out all the cool functionality on our full site on your Mac or PC.
A Few of the Cool Things You Can Do on the Full Site:
1) Sign Up for a Free Personalized Account & Get the News YOU care about
  • Just click the sign up link on our home page to create your personalized account.
  • You can choose from more than 1,000 of the web's top blogs to create your playlist.
  • Then, you'll be able to log in on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or PC, and hear YOUR favorites, anytime, anywhere.

2) Create a Daily News Podcast for Your MP3 Player

  • Just log in to your account, click "Manage MyPodcast," and select the blogs you'd like in your daily podcast. Then, every morning, PimpMyNews will automatically check your blogs for new stories, and create an episode with 10 minutes of uninterrupted stories.
  • Just sync your MP3 player with your computer, and... Listen at the gym, on the train, while doing laundry - anywhere!
3) Share, Share, Share!
  • With over half a million stories to choose from, chances are good that you'll find something funny, shocking, or just plain interesting. Why keep it to yourself?
  • You can email any "talking story" to friends, or post it to Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Delicious, Stumble Upon and other social sites, with a single mouse-click.
  • To share any story, just click the envelope icon, or click the "View Summary" link and look for the social site icons at the bottom of every story.
To enjoy all of the fun, time-saving functionality, sign up on your Mac or PC today, at:

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