Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chris Brogan "Starting to Get" PimpMyNews

For those of you who follow "social media," Chris Brogan needs no introduction. For those who might not be familiar with him, he's the proverbial "social media superhero." Thousands of people follow him on Twitter, read his blog, and hang on his every word (or, should I say, his every character?).

A Little New School "Fairy Dust"

Chris is well-known for sprinkling "textual fairy dust" on things... which usually ignites healthy conversations about those things. Just last night, we were pleased to find that Chris signed up for PimpMyNews, and wrote a post about us on his highly-trafficked blog.

The blog post is titled "Listening to Blogs - Really Listening."

Chris doesn't really do "endorsements," but we were pleased with the positive things he had to say about PimpMyNews. Here are a few excerpts from his post:

  • "What’s neat about PimpMyNews is that you can cook off a bunch of MP3 files of blogs you like reading, dump them into your MP3 player (portable or on your desk), and listen to a bunch of blogs while doing stuff."
  • "I listened to my own blog post (natch), and found it actually reasonably listenable."
  • "It’s neat, and you might give it a try."
"Kindling" for the User Feedback Conversation.

Chris also said "John and team have done a good start," and offered constructive criticism by suggesting tweaks to our navigation. Then, he ended the post by asking his readers to share their feedback on PimpMyNews. And share, they did.

Please check out the post on Brogan's blog and, don't forget to read, and add to, the comments.

[Read the full post here: or - REALLY listen to it here: ]

This is exactly what a startup needs... Feedback from, and ongoing dialogue with, its users.

Thank you Chris Brogan, you fire-starter, you ;)

PimpMyNews Co-Founder & CEO

PS: As always, please send your feedback to

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