Thursday, May 15, 2008

Robert Scoble Names PimpMyNews "A Favorite iPhone App"

Since our December launch, we've been lucky to have received lots of positive coverage from the blogosphere, but this one really took us by surprise, in a very good way.

Regarded by many in the tech industry as "the man with his finger on the pulse of early adopters," when A-List Blogger Robert Scoble talks, a lot of people, including us, listen.

In the June issue of FastCompany magazine, the great "Scobleizer" gives a full run down on the iPhone application he loves, in a story titled "Star-Spangled iPhone." These are the killer apps that, as he puts it, "add skyrockets to your 'genius'" phone.

Scoble and Fans Weigh in on Mobile News Apps

Before writing the story, Robert asked the 18,000+ early adopters following him on Twitter to chime in on their favorite iPhone apps.

In the "news" category, Robert and his followers named the iPhone-optimized version of PimpMyNews their second favorite application. Second only to mega-popular Google Reader.

Considering that there are more than 1,500 applications listed on, we're pleased... no, to be honest, we're pinching ourselves, to share the leader board with Google.

Here's an excerpt from Scoble's FastCompany story:

"I am still a Google Reader addict, and so are many of my fans. Reader was mentioned in my poll more than any other app. Another one that came up often was , which turns text blogs into MP3 audio files, so you can listen on the go." (the iPhone/iTouch version can be accessed at )

Robert also mentions his, and Steve Rubel's, fondness for sports news application, which he describes as "quite good."

Check out the full story on FastCompany's website: []

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