Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scoble is "Shocked How Many Like PimpMyNews"

Just yesterday, in FastCompany magazine, Robert Scoble and his Twitter followers named PimpMyNews a favorite iPhone application, ranking #2 to Google Reader, in the news category.

While on Twitter today, we spoke (or should we say, "tweeted") with Robert about the accolade, and we loved his response so much, we just had to post it here on the PimpMyNews Blog.

Here's the transcript from Twitter:

John: "Scobleizer, great FastCompany iPhone story - We're glad your fans like PimpMyNews! Big things in the works. We would love to share the vision with you."

Robert Scoble: "I was shocked how many people like PimpMyNews. Would love to hear more."

John: "We're shocked too! It is taking off - since December, People from 154 countries have used PimpMyNews (80% from the US, 86% on mobile devices)"

John: "We've made a lot of enhancements based on early adopter feedback - Could you ask your fans to send me theirs?"

See the image of the conversation on Twitter below. We're looking forward to sharing our vision with Robert Scoble, and we'll do a blog post of the conversation to keep you in the loop.

Thanks for listening with PimpMyNews, and keep the feedback coming! Oh, and be sure to follow us on Twitter here:

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