Thursday, April 2, 2009

PimpMyNews Is Coming To Blackberry App World.

After a nine hour commute and four hours of sleep, we're here onsite at the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas, with 40,000 other people.

The biggest news so far has been RIM's opening of the Blackberry App World storefront yesterday. Several of the tech blogs we love covered the news, including Mashable, VentureBeat, and Techcrunch.

Today, we're excited to announce that we'll be rolling out PimpMyNews in Blackberry App World this spring.

Below is an excerpt from our news release. You can read the full release on PR Web.

PimpMyNews To Bring "Mobile, Social, Vocal" News Service To Blackberry App World

Popular Service That Converts News & Blogs To Audio Coming to Blackberry Smartphones, Allows Busy Consumers to Listen & Multitask On-The-Go.

Las Vegas, Nevada - April 2, 2009 – PimpMyNews today announced its plans to launch its popular talking news and blog service on The Blackberry App World Storefront.

The service, which received Apple’s coveted “Staff Pick” for its unique iPhone application, will be available this spring for seven Blackberry smartphones.

PimpMyNews is a new media service that puts consumers in control of their news, by automatically collecting breaking stories from over 1,300 news sources based on their preferences, and converting them to audio.

The service eliminates the time-consuming process of searching for news on the Internet, and allows mobile users to listen and multitask while driving, working out, riding the train and more. Users of the service can also set up personalized playlists, view text, images and video, and share “talking stories” on
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, and other social sites.

Co-founder John Atkinson states, “We believe the news you care about should come to you, and that you should be able to decide when, where, and how to consume it. Our real-time news engine does the heavy lifting, so consumers can effortlessly receive the content they want, on their terms.”

The company, which launched its talking news service for Apple's iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch, iPod and other MP3 players last year, reports that people from over 160 countries have used the service.

The company’s newly updated iPhone app can be downloaded on The App Store here
. The service can also be used on Macs and PCs by signing up on the full site.

According to Pew Research Center, 112 million Americans (37%) now use the Internet for news, compared to 2% a decade ago. A recent comScore study indicates that the number of people using mobile devices to access news, and information, more than doubled in the last year.

Representatives of the company are onsite at The CTIA Wireless Conference in Las Vegas. Members of the press can schedule interviews by emailing

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